Our New Little X-Factor

Our New Little X-Factor

Silas and I went to the store this morning for bread and juice various other items. I took him along because he is our new X-Factor. That title once belonged to Canaan, but no longer. The X-Factor is the kid who changes everything, no matter the circumstance. If we were to ask someone to babysit our boys, we would send Silas to one sitter and the remaining five somewhere else. The sitter with the older five would have an easier time by far!

He’s the X-Factor.

Fortunately he’s growing up a little. He responds to simple instructions (throw away your diaper, get in your high chair, come down off the roof, etc.). He’s not as aggressive as he once was, though face masks and protective cups are never a bad idea.

Most importantly, screaming is no longer his language of choice. He uses some signs for please, more, help, and something with his middle finger we can’t quite figure out. He even says some words when prompted, but they mostly sound like “Pbat!”

Still, he’s growing up. And that’s fun. He could very well be the last baby we ever raise, so we’re enjoying the small things. We didn’t get to see Judah or Canaan morph from infants to toddlers to little boys, so something about struggling through the process with Silas feels sacred.

Anyway, happy parenting everybody!

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